Our Region. We’re business-friendly, highly-educated and skilled, and continue to offer opportunities for economic growth, commerce and industry. The San Juan Chamber of Commerce is proud to be part of this tradition.

Our Work. The San Juan Chamber is committed to engaging our members. Our committees are structured to provide a forum to collaborate on important business issues that play a role in the decision making of the organization. Our work groups provide a platform for local professionals to play active roles in expanding opportunities for all San Juan County businesses. We also have industry council groups focused on establishing business-to-business relationships and improving policies specific to each industry.


A primary goal of the San Juan Chamber is to make each city in our region a viable place to do business. Our local Governments offers development initiatives and incentive programs geared toward the betterment of the economy and work force. Please refer to each cities web pages to learn more about these exciting programs.

City of Monticello

City of Blanding


Financial incentives are provided by the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development for business relocation and expansion.  These incentives are used to select companies that create new, high-paying jobs that help improve the standard of living, diversify the state economy, increase the tax base, attract and retain top-level management, and encourage graduates of in-state universities to remain in Utah.

Utah Incentives Overview

Utah Rural Incentives

Governors Office of Economic Development

San Juan County is Open for Business